Sabina Shikhlinskaya (AZ)


Sabina Shikhlinskaya, born 1952 in Baku, is one of the pioneers of conceptual art in her home country Azerbaijan. Starting as a painter, in the 90s she transitioned to contemporary art mixing drawings, installations and video art, reflecting actual problems of relationship between individual and society. Soon she achieved international recognition with several exhibitions and artworks which can be found in private collections worldwide.

Sabina already has realized “Memorabilia” at the border triangle and intend to realize another one above Mareinthal with Name “Without Borders”.

Within Transkaukazja 2013 she at first took part in artist in residence „WOMAN_LOOKING FROM“ in Dresden from 2013/06/17-30 about gender inequality. This issue was focus of art projects and exhibitions that she has realized in her home country Azerbaijan already before.

Land art OBJECT and PLACE of Sabina Shikhlinskaya is located at the bank of river Neisse between Zittau and Görlitz.

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