Eva Harut at “Woman_looking from”

Foto_02Lena_EvaEva Harut is a freelancer artist, curator, artistical pedagogue and journalist. Since 2011 Eva researches as artist and as journalist under the issue “Women metamorphosis”. Her target group are women with different age and social peer groups, as well from province as from the capital Yerevan.

She openly broaches the issue of problems that concern women in parents’ house, in relations, in wedding and family and in the later years of life. Here inequality between men and women is still obvious, especially in the province. Traditional views and expectations from women as obedient subjects of their fathers, brothers and husbands are still prevalent. This not only interferes with the expansion of women’s possibilities, but also still allows gender-based discrimination and even violence.

As a result Eva Harut presented a serial of interview movies called “Metamorphosis”. Young women talk about an old tradition in society – the preservation of virginity before marriage.

In Dresden Eva continued with the issue “Metamorphosis”. She has gained new impressions and discoveries by doing video interviews with German men and women. This material (video and audio) has work-in-progress nature and is planned to be used for upcoming films. Photo portraits and short stories of the interviewed persons have been shown at the final Exhibition of “Woman_looking from”.


„Satisfied woman“, graphic/collage, eight pieces, 2013 Since 2011 the artist has worked for a serial called «La Realtà» (En: reality). This serial presents collages which express her own thoughts and feelings as a woman in East European society – but this time with her feelings and recognition of ‘the West’ after her talks with woman from Germany.