Elena Pagel (DE)


Elena Pagel was born 1964 in Nowokusnezk. She has obtained a diploma as art painter at the State Academy of Art and Industry in Abramtsevo near Moskow. After her emigration to Germany in 1999 she lives and works in Dresden where she has broadened her artistic spectrum. Now she combines painting, graphic, installations, video, ceramics etc. She intends social and psychological problems and questions to reflect critically and to overcome with irony and creativity.

Elena Pagel realizes two land art objects: “Open/Closed_Border Control” on an old Bridge over the Neisse river with red coloured bandages and “House of Fire” infront of Bogatynia (Poland).

Besides her participation in „Border – Key – Neuropa“ Elena Pagel plays an important role on Transkaukazja 2013 as curator of „Woman_looking from“. She also was involved in Transkaukazja in 2011 as curator.

Official website of Elena Pagel: