Elene Rakviashvili at “Woman_looking from”

Foto_06Lena_EleneElene Rakviashvili is an artist working in multidiscipline contemporary art. She also has obtained a painters diploma.Since 2009 Elene has prepared several exhibitions dedicated to Gender subject ( Installation „GAME4ME“, the photo series and Video art „KEY“ 2010, series of Photo installations „OBJECTS THAT UNITE AND DISSOCIATE“ 2011, the short film „SYMBIOSIS“ 9’5’min.

In the framework of the project “Woman_looking from” she planned to find out which difficulties and similarities are shared among women in Germany and in Caucasus region, based on personal researches and inspirations. Soon at the beginning of her residence the artist found out that in German society mostly men have a problem to express their feelings. This was the reason for her to dedicate six installations to this issue. At first she made interviews with several single men in different ages and took photos of them. Then she created installations hanging in space of the final exhibition (each 2,5m x 1,5m, synthetical material „Integra“) with colored windows as background and a photo collage for each interviewed person. Background colors and photo display inner values and symbolize the character, hidden dreams and idealistic feelings of the interviewed men.

Foto_08Lena_Elene Foto_09Lena_Elene Foto_11Lena_Elene Foto_12Lena_Elene

The artists discovered in her social environment in Dresden’s district “Äußere Neustadt”, where she had lived for 1,5 months, a strong tendency to consume bio products. The installation “Mattrass of love or bio love” (1.6 m x 1 m, plastic foil and plastic packaging material with „bio“ signs). The audience can think about bio love as a real or fake idea.

Foto_10Lena_Elene Foto_14Lena_Elene

Video art „GEO“ –  a movie by Elene Rakviashvili to show dispositions of Georgian women while self-reflecting her own life.