Matthias Schumann (DE)


Matthias Schumann was born in 1973, lives and works as photographer in Dresden/DE. He was already in touch with land art by realizing photo documentations about land art projects in a stone pit near Miltitz (Western Lusitania). Schumann is a member of Steinleicht e.V. which organizes international symposia of sculptors there. Schumann also is curator of an exhibition serial in a monastery in Western Lusitania which focuses on border experiences, in a broader sense, between ‘disabled’ and ‘non-disabled’ people.

Furthermore Matthias Schumann is curator of the Galerie NEUE OSTEN which presents photo art works from or about Eastern Europe in cooperation with Kultur Aktiv. Schumann himself is a widely travelled photographer towards Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.

For “Border – Key – Neuropa” Schumann intends to create a land art object that includes photographic technics.

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