Dirk Fröhlich (DE)


Dirk Fröhlich, born 1967 in Dohna, lives and works in Dresden since 1985. He considers himself as an artist dealing with words, images and sounds. In his works he usually commits the viewer and listener a possibility to empathize in order to experience still unknown interrelations by researching approximation.

“As an in a mining and industrial scenic deforestation area grown up voice-audio-visual artist said himself “only … rid of the time, a ghost under ghosts that come.” Were known, partly  multiple, ground movements in the edges and intermediate areas of the different designated community here and there, in addition working visits oversea. He was also the editor of a now five continents connecting works on paper collection “spinne” (‘spider’) and of several other publications of a “buchlabor” (‘book lab’) and thus linked, stronger for german-speaking regions released works. In addition to the spatial directions and exhibitions executed by him he created occasionally sound events with mains-amplified stringed instruments. The core of all exercises would have been an awareness of the relativity of the human in the unsayable.”