BRIDGE 1/2 – object/performance by Elene Rakviashvili

BRIDGE 1 – values


Concept: If the Peace does not exist, what does it means The Peace Bridge?  What is an Open Border if there disgrace and fear linger; what is the meaning of Mutual Tolerance among nations if it’s space is limited?

Description: Performance takes place at the river separating Germany and Poland.  A symbolic bridge is created by throwing a white textile (Saxon cloth) across to the opposite river bank, incessantly and repeatedly trying to reach the other side.

Saxon cloth is covered by Georgian scripts from the poem Night in a Tiger’s Skin, written by famous Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli’s (XII century). Poem tells of making a True Bridge—one of friendship and love. Script is made with Saperavi Wine (endemic Georgian species)


performance BRIDGE 1

Installation 'bridge

BRIDGE 2 – challenge

Side specific Installation: Bridge, Stone and Plastic

Concept: The concept of Artificial and Natural is opposite, therefore the most of human affords to create the Bridges and Connections between this sides are failed.

bridge2 Challange_1024