Mariam Mughdusyan: Tree of Dreams

During this program I am creating a Tree of dreams. In Armenia you can find these trees especially near holy places. In ancient times people believed that their dreams will come true if they bind a beautiful handkerchief on the branches of the tree.

As the program is implemented at the edge of borders of three countries; Poland, Czech Republic and Germany, the Dream tree is very symbolic. Armenia has closed borders with its two neighbors, Turkey and Azerbaijan, and is in a no-war-no-peace situation, and because I was born in a village on the border with Azerbaijan and Georgia, and I have seen all the consequences of the war in my village, my dream and desire is  the peace for whole world and mankind.

My work is fully dedicated to peace and abolishing the borders.

I have created handkerchiefs of silk with elements of manuscript writing. I have painted word PEACE on them by adjacent letters in Armenian – ԽԱՂԱՂՈՒԹՅՈՒՆ:

One must bind them on the tree wishing peace to the world and make a dream come true. So, I decided that Tree of dreams may be anywhere where there are still memories of war and borders as a sign in order that tangled parts of history would never be repeated. My concept also includes that everybody can participate in creation of tree, making their handkerchiefs and binding them to the Tree of dreams.