Michael and Johanna Dobbelt: “Censored” installation

The Border exists everywhere. State supports boundary posts. Society is regulated by laws, therefore rules.
Censorship is a symbol of border. Borders allow and forbid the restrictions. Does border exists between freedom and dependence, or both have relative concept.
Champignons are a royal family within the nature. Champignons are creatures between plants and animals, they do not need light. In our case black strip represents a border of censorship, which blocks light that provides freedom for mushrooms. In the condition of rigid political censorship the freedom of the people becomes similar to a mushrooms structure: identical, boring and obedient.
The border has relative concept; for someone light has a positive meaning, for others darkness is negative. On another hand light is pernicious and darkness is favorable for life.
Censorship attracts as a casino, the pleasure of nightlife. But this attractiveness can turn to a disappointment, while getting closer we can discover the emptiness of the content and loneliness of the place.
The installation ”Censored” is placed at the so called Gießmannsdorfer’s bridge, a closed border between Poland and Germany.

On official check-points a stamp was placed in passports that allowed the permission of crossing the border between two countries. On one hand this stamp supported censorship, but on another unites these countries. Soon this bridge will be demolished due to non-existence of the check-Point. (Michael and Johanna Dobbelt)

dobbelt1 dobbelt-003 dobbelt-002

censored – Photography Matthias Schumann

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