“Border – Key – Neuropa” has ended after presentation

depARTments_LOGO_editions_4b_smallDuring „depARTment walk“ at 2013/07/12 visitors and artists could see the presentation of land art objects as the results of a two-week residence of six artists from Caucasus and eight from Germany. The main focus lay on borders – how to experience, to challenge and open them up. Together we could gain inside in this scenically, culturally and historically amazing region.
At first the objects had been visited which are in walking distance to the monastery Marienthal near Ostritz. The participating artists invited approximately 250 guests, to see the artworks at their places. The guests could touch them and were invited to take part actively in performing situations. Later on guest could also see the artworks which are more far away from the monastery during a bus trip.

The participating artists have been Ana Riaboshenko (GE), Chingiz Babayev (AZ), Elene Rakviashvili (GE), Eva Harut (AM), Sabina Shikhlinskaya (AZ) and Mariam Mughdusyan (AM), as well as Dirk Fröhlich, Elena Pagel, Holger Wendland, Johanna und Michael Dobbelt, Matthias Jackisch, Matthias Schumann and Melissa Wagner (all DE).

„Border – Key – Neuropa“, curated by Holger Wendland, is part of the international project Transkaukazja with other actions like depARTment walks in seven further countries. This walk at the Neisse is “DepARTment walk IV”. More information: http://transkaukazja.eu!