Bridge – Matthias Jackisch

“… want to build the golden bridge, who had it …”


former bridgehead Posada Photography in winter HW

Black granite from the hills of “Oberlausitz” (Upper Lusitia), cut in two halfs and polished, on both sides of the river in Marienthal and Posada in direction of the destroyed and not rebuilt bridge installed.

Jackischmarienthal Jackischposada Jackischspiegel

Marienthal – Posada – mirror of polished granite Photography Matthias Schumann

posadaspiel3 posadaspiel2 posadaspiel1

Matthias’ inauguration by a stone flute meditation in Posada Photography under assigment HW

Historical Photography of the old bridge between Marienthal and Rusdorf/Posada

Link to a historical map of the region


brückeperformance Video