Insurrection of the orange dworfs

The orange dwarfs commemorate the 293th anniversary of the death of the “Türkenchristel” at the former Giessmannsdorf Bridge at 12th July 2013

The dwarfs have commited a memo to us:


In the year 1695 a Turk female has been baptized in the former village of Gießmannsdorf, which doesn’t exist anymore because of the daylight mining of Turów. Mr Piltzer from Bautzen had brought her from Ofen (today Buda) in Hungary. Her new name was Christine Hassanin but the people in the village called her “Türkenchristel”. She died at 12th July 1720.

Her successors later had founded the brown coal mining in Giessmannsdorf.


This was the first step that led to the doom of the village. Giessmannsdorf vanished into thin air because of the hugh daylight brown coal mining. The old Giessmannsdorf bridge, heavily destroyed already, is the last remaining relict of the village.

Link to a historical map, which includes the old Giessmannsdorf

The orange dwarfs commemorate the anniversary of the death of the “Türkenchristel” at the former Giessmannsdorf bridge and remind us to bear in mind our doings.

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The robbery of a Turkish woman by Mr Piltzer has released a fatal chain reaction.  Consider YOUR doings! – the dwarfs intent to say to us. Hereby we also let all people with the surname “Türke” in on the secret of the origin of their name.

Orangedworf1 orangedworf2