dirc frölic (noidoitslant) Dirk Fröhlich (D) “Border : Key : Neuropa”

as an in a mining and industrial scenic deforestation area grown up voice-audio-visual artist said himself “only … rid of the time, a ghost under ghosts that come.”

Were known, partly  multiple, ground movements in the edges and intermediate areas of the different designated community here and there, in addition working visits oversea. He was also the editor of a now five continents connecting works on paper collection “spinne” (‘spider’) and of several other publications of a “buchlabor” (‘book lab’) and thus linked, stronger for german-speaking regions released works. In addition to the spatial directions and exhibitions executed by him he created occasionally sound events with mains-amplified stringed instruments. The core of all exercises would have been an awareness of the relativity of the human in the unsayable.

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Contributions to “Border : Key : Neuropa”
(The latter is a neologism by Holger Wendland (‘island-spear’, in the last name like some see the ‘land of the knowers’, others a of ‘the friends’, a few also a of ‘the forest-dwellers’.))


Secrets arround Radmeritz

RADOMIERZYCE (‘settlement of those of the peace-merry’ -  earliest known literally as Rademariz, june 2, 1249)
The land of Besunzans (‘those who are living near the elder shrubs’ – the name-giving place is now part of Görlitz (‘at the burned place’)) was cut several times following the violent german conquest since the tenth century under changing administrations and it was settled with people of different countries and languages, last in the result of the so-counted second world war in the twentieth century. The ‘settlement of those of the peace-merry’ which is located in this land appears after its name and the still weak recognizable quarter rundling shape of the fields nearby as a start-up with four or five homesteads from the early days of the now over a thousand years lasting occupation. Near the settlement the country was arbitrarly cut twice in the past two centuries in the results of predatory wars between different large administrations – soft viewed first north-south, east-west later. Beside the intersection of the divisions at the confluence of the rivers Neisse (‘lowland river’) and Witka (literally ‘sedge water’ – a contemporary sound imitation of a multilingual remodeled old waters name, earliest known recorded as Wetauia, 1352) a decade ago a hard mud bridge for heavy goods vehicular traffic, including footpaths on both sides, was allowed to build out of cash from a so-called occidental unit over the main stream and backwaters of the ‘lowland river’.

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No name [51.062645,14.971227] – oak seedling between oaks of an old railway embankment before a with sedimentations filled up backwater; tinny container floor with marker pen drawn letters on hemp cord at a trackless railway bridge arch in the sight of two white storks and ten individually with iron ring shackles pegged horses:

ainmal im hak dainer hende
ainmal im haux dainer haut
ainmal der strant dainer strende
ainmal dain lant one laut

(once in the hedge of your hands
once in the breath of your skin
once the beach of your beaches
once your land without sound

brücknschädel1 brücknschädel
“Transkaukazja 2013″ (‘through-vulture-mountains …’) [51.060348,14.965729] – eight sheep skulls in building clefts; rams head on green blue synthetic cord and steely spiral  between rows of swallow nests under a hard mud bridge for heavy goods vehicular traffic over water.

dirkfernseher1 dirkfernseher

No name [51.058852,14.964215] – color TV front with view to a demolished building of the former people-owned power plants “Friendship of Peoples” Hagenwerder (‘river island with hedges’) on hemp cord; hard foam plastic stool between young maple-trees at a filled up backwater; spoken german words:

Jenseits der Welt der Bilder
liegt die Welt durch Bilder.

(Beyond the world of pictures
is the world through pictures.)

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No name [51.057655,14.962778] – oak seedling next a single, same old oak wild growth, two-piece sod, red quadrilateral brick fragment in whitish river gravel, surrounded by black-gray bank protection molten rock fragments and on river sand lying, white-gray grain stone flooring crashes, three-sided taken by lying ash stem pieces; hempen children skipping rope with blue plastic handles; feathers; tinny container floor with marker pen drawn letters and a symbol on hemp cord at a roof lath under green plastic beverage container; surrounded with garlic near a with stripes of black and red overpainted, yellow plastic coated, hard-muddy management transition signpost at a former river island:

zai kain angztnetz
zai ain hut um ain a
zai ain hauz entlic t

be no net of fear
be a hat to an a
be a house at last t

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No name [51.056973,14.962764] – ring of a plastic wastewater pipe on synthetic fiber rope between hard mud founded iron flag poles with views on power generation wind turbines and bank vegetation on former river island; sung german words:

Dreißig die sinkenden Worte,
dreißig der fallende Schnee,
dreißig verschleierte Orte,
dreißig die offene See.

Fischer am Blütengestade,
Fahrer am Sturmbaume Gang,
Bauer steint Windbrücken – Gnade! –,
Putzer zieht Erdhimmel: lang.

Zittert die Erde in Kreisen,
singt ihre Sonne in Gang,
donnert in Sternen die leisen
Flugfedern, Nabel und Tang …

(Thirty the sinking words,
thirty the falling snow,
thirty veiled places,
thirty the open sea.

Fisherman on the shores of flowers,
driver on the path of storm tree,
builder stones wind bridges – mercy! -
cleaner pulls earth’s skies: long.

The earth trembles in circles,
sings her sun in motion
thunders in stars the quiet
flight feathers, navels and seaweed …)


OSTRITZ (‘near the edges’ – meaning the tops of the piles of a hill fort)
Opposite the due to emigration shrinking small town lies on the other riverside in the beginning of the floodplain of the ‘lowland river’ after the narrow valley the formerly fortified “Veensberg” or “Feensberg”, in standard german interpreted as “Venusberg” (‘ecstasy mountain’) – a grain storage facility, refuge and sanctuary of ‘those who are living near the elder shrubs’. This mountain gave the occasion of the palace building and lengthy ringing of the honorable women in the ‘valley of the resister’. The on that mountain honored, in the vernacular of the settlers “Flins” and under the strict prohibitions of the occupiers of the indigenous locals elsewhere only circuitous “Abgott” (‘idol’) called “Veles” (‘woolen’) is in the waxing and waning signs of the moon a guard of the horned cattle, of the seed of the living, of the souls of the dead, of trade, of sounds and songs, of the word artist ever. Below the sanctuary was recently in german time a footpath “Poetenweg” (‘way of the poets’, in the narrower sense ‘… language-creators’).

“Fluchtwege” (‘escape routes’) [51.016066,14.939122] – two identical, directed at each other, white plastic labels, green printed with a symbol and german word, bolted on wooden pedestrian and cycle traffic bridge planks:

(‘escape route’)

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photographic, excavation unt carrying ancillary to Matthias Schumann’s (‘gift of god shoemaker’) turf implementation »trans_plant” (‘through the flat’), see there,
as well as a tiny idea of ​​sound to the “Transcaucasian Picnic” (‘the through-craved don’t pick’).


for all kinds of support to Steffi (‘wreath’) and Roland (‘fame bold “), Manuela (‘god with us’) and Olaf (‘ancestor’s heir’) and especially to Daniela (‘god is my judge’) and Lala (‘who is like god?’) – and for homelikely driving to a woman from Haseldorf (‘hazel village’) and an Indian (‘floater’) from Zittau (‘seeds’) …