Elene Rakviashvili (GE)


Elene Rakviashvili was born 1966 in Tbilisi, Georgia, where she is living and working the most of her time. She is an artist working in multidiscipline contemporary art. She also has obtained a painters diploma.

Elene Rakviashvili prepares Performance and object BRIDGE 1/2 at the border triangle between Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.

Within Transkaukazja 2013 she at first took part in artist in residence „WOMAN_LOOKING FROM“ in Dresden from 2013/05/15-2013/06/30 about gender inequality. This issue was focus of art projects and exhibitions that she has realized already before. Land art OBJECT and PLACE of Elene Rakviashvili is located at the bank of river Neisse between Zittau and Görlitz.

Website of Elene Rakviashvili: