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TK2013_Woman_Vernissage_avatar1Artists in residence with focus on gender inequality

As artists in residence from 2013/05/15 to 06/30 three female artists took part in Transkaukazja 2013 representing the countries of Southern Caucasus: Sabina Shikhlinskaya (AZ), Elene Rakviashvili (GE) and Eva Harut (AM). For six weeks they have worked in Dresden (DE) to research if gender inequality still can be found in Germany and Europe, and if they exist, where and how are they manifested. Sabina Shikhlinskaya has presented the video “Claustrophobia” and three photo serials. Elene Rakviashvili created six installations/photo collages with single men which she had interviewed before. Eva Harut has linked her „Metamorphosis“ and “Satisfied woman” to previous serials.

In the context of the project the artists are invited to consider the problem of “gender inequality between women and men” in Germany and, in comparison, the position and possibilities women have in her home countries in Caucasus. A developed civil Society in Europe gives a wider space to women, allowing them to create their own movements and non-governmental organizations and opened new ways of effective participation in decision-making and self-determined education for women.

The idea to choose “gender” as a topic arose while the curator Elena Pagel were visiting the Southern Caucasus region (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan), where inequality between men and women is still obvious, especially in the province. For example, in Armenia the traditional views and expectations from women as obedient subjects of their fathers, brothers and husbands are still prevalent. This not only interferes with the expansion of women’s possibilities, but also still allows gender-based discrimination and even violence.


2013/05/23 Introduction Elene Rakviashvili (GE) and Eva Harut (AM), Galerie Raskolnikow, Böhmische Str. 34, 01099 Dresden/DE
2013/06/20 Introduction Sabina Shikhlinskaya (AZ), Blaue Fabrik, Prießnitzstr. 44/48, 01099 Dresden/DE
2013/06/28 Opening event of final exhibition in Johannstadthalle, Holbeinstr. 68, 01307 Dresden/DE