Landart Border-Key-Neuropa

The objects have be created by the artists during the project days after they had decided for the right places. Concepts have exists already before, nevertheless ”Border – Key – Neuropa” substantially works with the concrete experience of every Artist at the place and keeps open for improvisation and spontanious creativity.

Chingiz Babaev: “NAM – ICH – Я”

Matthias Jackisch: Bridge

Sabina Shikhlinskaya: “Memorabilia”

Elene Rakviashvili: Object and performance “BRIDGE 1/2″

ANaMALIA (Ana Riaboshenko): Achtung ! Pozor! Uwaga!

Mariam Mughdusyan: Tree of Dreams

Elena Pagel: Open/ Closed -Border Control

Sabina Shikhlinskaya: “Without Borders”

Matthias Schumann: “trans_plant”

Dirk Fröhlich & Holger Wendland: Performance „Ziethen upon the bush“

Dirk Fröhlich: Border:Key:Neuropa

Michael and Johanna Dobbelt: “Censored” Installation

Eva Harut: “Hochzeit”

Elena Pagel: “House of Fire”

Holger Wendland: “The hunter’s footmark”

Melissa Wagner: “The float of newspapers”

Insurrection of the orange dworfs

Insurrection of the dworfs – war memorial

Each of the participating artists creates an object including typical materials from her or his home country with cultural meaning and symbolic nature. It can be the emplacement of plants, trees etc. as well as a usage of special soils, stones, labels written in the language of the country, typical objects and products etc. All created land art objects will be documented with photo and film, scanned with GPS and presented on this website like a virtual borderland walk.